Higgybank Productions

UK, works internationally

Nothing makes your company or idea stand out more than an animation explaining exactly what you provide to your customers in just a few short minutes. Click on that button and lets get their attention.

  • Whiteboard
  • Budget

With a whiteboard animation style you can fully engage with your customers in ways they can easily understand by means of a creative animation telling your customers exactly why they should invest in you and what makes you stand out from the rest.

Right now you are probably looking at your script thinking "how on earth is this going to work?" Well let me show you how you can transform those words into a visual story.

I have access to incredibly talented voiceover artists that can provide a complete and professional male/female voiceover which I will then send to you with different varieties so as to make your video the way you like it. This is of course all included so don't feel pressured into having one.

I can also provide royalty free music as well free of charge should you require any to assist your video. Please discuss your project with me first so that I fully understand your requirements.

Whiteboard animation is a fast growing tool and many companies are taking advantage of its abilities to communicate with many different people. Once I have a finalised script from you I can have a first draft whizzing straight back to you within a couple of days and I offer unlimited revisions to make sure your video is just how you imagined it when you were typing out your script.

Animation is my passion and I wouldn't want it any differently.

Get in touch and lets create something amazing.

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