Vietnam, works internationally

We are "one minute storytellers"...
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It all starts with a strong message. We help in polishing this. Then comes the story construction...

We work with a short, strong script and message (read call-to-action) and create simple stories that can work in this way. We work well in the "one minute" style... But can also go up to 10 minutes (i.e. a script length of c.1500 words).

YouTube is the fastest growing media consumption outlet ever. Growth is extreme, and traditional advertising can not keep up. Advertising and other "technical / informational / infomercial"-type messages that may work on TV cannot work in this space, as they most often can't keep the viewers beyond the "click-away" time.

We look at ways to keep engagement, attention and to combat this "click-away"... The messages are not always that easy, but there is always a way to convey them.

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