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It's time you WHITEBOARDIFY your thoughts and ideas. Affordable Rates. No UPFRONT PAYMENT.

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Whiteboardify was born as a much-loved brainchild on the background of the unstoppable advance of video stories circulated far and wide via the social media channels. We thought of a product that would be entertaining, but also meaningful, and not too costly. Thoughts turned into action and in 2015 our whiteboard animation studio became operational.

Ours is a small, but mighty team - a storyboard artist, illustrators and animators all put skills and imagination in service of the clients, with the sole purpose of translating messages into elegant, efficient, expressive animation videos.

Although they are mainly thought of as marketing and presentation tools, the scope for using our products is huge - from teaching sessions to social gatherings.

And we are deft hands in this, with a portfolio in excess of 200 videos of various styles.


Why Choose Us?

- Original artwork. All the characters and scenes are drawn from scratch.

- We charge no ADVANCE FEES/UPFRONT PAYMENT. You pay only if you like what you see and hear.

- Done for you in any language! We collaborate with excellent script writers and use voice over artists for videos with an authentic feel.

- Unlimited revisions, we won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with your video and many more..


Important links:

Our portfolio - www.whiteboardify.com/portfolio

Our process - www.whiteboardify.com/process

Our pricing - www.whiteboardify.com/pricing


Our contact details:

Website - www.whiteboardify.com

Email - hi@whiteboardify.com

Skype - whiteboardify

Contact - +91-8552882007


We Whiteboardify. You too should :)

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