GK Arts

Czech Republic, works internationally

We create custom, quality and unique video content. We provide a full video creation production cycle, from the idea to the final professional result.

  • Whiteboard
  • Budget

We will help you to showcase your product or service

and create an attractive image of your brand on the market.

Choose the type of animation and we will create the whole design

- including custom characters - to best capture style of your company.

We will deliver your product with narration

in a language of your choosing, and with original sound effects and music.

Doodle Video -

With unlimited possibilities, doodle video

is a fit for any marketing task.

Entertaining and educational video courses

and understandable, promotional video clips

make the full range of topics accessible to any audience.

Classic animation -

Classic animation for use

in a variety of areas.

Through its use, it is possible to create accessible presentations,

easily and thoroughly present

a new product or service, and dynamically

offer interesting, informative graphics.

3D Video -

3D graphics make it possible to present

a product or a service in its true form,

enabling one to fully exhibit its innovation

by expressing what cannot be captured

by an ordinary camera.

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